Julie Chritie in AFTERGLOW

"She is easily the standout of the film, and adds a bit of glamour and a lot of mystery, but the character is very limited."


Judi Dench in Mrs BROWN

"She embodies the Queen larger than life in her posture and her speaking, and manages to give a very convincing performance."


Kate Winslet in TITANIC

"In a very physically and challenging role, She manages to give a very captivating, overwhelming and poignant performance."


Helen Hunt in AS GOOD AS IT GETS

"Helen Hunt has empathy for her character and not only sympathy allowing her to give a brilliant performance."


Helena Bonham Carter in THE WINGS OF THE DOVE

"[she] perfectly embodies the tragic heroine both romantic, impulsive and free-spirited."


                                             THE CONCLUSION                                                

Before I started, I expected nothing special from this year because from the nominees, I had only seen Kate Winslet in "Titanic". 1997 turns out to be a very good year, with many great performances. Helena Bonham Carter is easily my pick, she has haunted me many days after I watched the film, which is a sign that her performance has something really special. I was very apprehensive about Helen Hunt's performance, her win is not very popular, but in fact it's a poignant and really moving performance. The 3rd and 4th place are more complex to attribute, but finally I place Winslet before Judi Dench. I think her performance is more complex and nuanced, and for me she's more effective than Judi Dench, even if she is also quite superb in "Mrs Brown". The last one is easily Julie Christie, she is the weakest from the field. She has clearly not a lot of things to do, and she is really not helped by the film or her partners.

                                   THE ACADEMY AWARDS and ME                                      

    NEXT YEAR: 2010


  1. I'm so happy your pick is Helena, she is just perfect. :) I'm also thrilled you are going to do 2010 next.

  2. I'm incredibly happy with your choice. Helena's performance is one of my favourites from the 1990s. And I have to admit I'm really excited to see what you think of the 2010 nominees. It's my favourite year for the best actress category in recent Oscar history so it will be exciting to read your reviews. Love your blog.